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Aubrey’s Adventures

Hi & welcome to my blog! I’m using this as a way to share my stories of traveling and working towards my ultimate goal of seeing all “must sees” and running a half and full marathon in all 50 states!

My “journey” as a runner started sophomore year of high school, really just on a whim to lose weight. It didn’t take long and I was hooked, signing up for 5K’s and joining the cross country team for my junior and senior years. Running has truly become a staple in my life, and if I go more than a few days without running, it’s very apparent. As time has progressed, so has my mileage and race distances. I have now become that person that runs 26.2 miles just because she can, and then signs up to do it again. 

I’m also a fan of traveling, but in typical Aubrey fashion – my “vacations” aren’t exactly the standard rest and relaxation. Instead it’s a week long trip jam packed with every must-see item (according to google) in the state, lots of driving, camping/hiking most days, and a race if I can make that work. In addition, I’m incredibly blessed to have a flexible job that allows me to work remote..and travel very often!

I’m thrilled to have you here – subscribe to make sure you catch all of my travel stories!